Alex Jones: Kosher Ham

AlexJonesKosherham8wide72dpiAdam Kokesh: PAYtriot



rosaweb72 dpi 560 wide 618 high

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13 thoughts on “SERIAL SHILLERS !

  1. You may find this hard to understand if you’ve got little depth in the study of comparative religion, yet back in the Old Testament days, the “People of the book,” as the Jews always like to portray themselves, were not so secretly worshiping the god of the human groin.

    When you read of them worshipping the pagan god “BAAL” in the old testament & read about pillars of Baal being either built up &\or torn down by other Jews who hated it, all they were was literally a tree carved into the shape of a big circumcised penis. Also, when you read of various groves dedicated to an altar for the pagan goddess “ISHTAR,” all they really were was an outsize carving of the female genitalia, with special emphasis placed on the clitoris which was usually enlarged or over size. What I’d like to know is, what with the re-emergence of the new (Old) New World Order Jewish metro sexual kabala butt (sic) sex part of said New World Order Baal & Ishtar religion which all of the US Congress & even Australian parliaments religiously (Snicker) follow behind closed doors, which along with cocaine & cocaine & a little bit more cocaine has been all the rage in congress since the days of the Young Republicans & is now at plague proportions, how did the Jews in the old testament ever represent the most important feature central to the Lord Fraud God Almighty of the Jewish kabala, which by definition is the human anus? 🙂


    Can anyone explain how the human anus connects with “Baal” & the Jewish god ‘YHWH’ & is this maybe something to do with the Masonic concept of “Baphomet” which is a god with goat hooves, a scaly belly, breasts, a vagina, a penis & probably a platinum gold futures trading account at Goldman Sachs + the home phone number of Alex Jones?
    Perhaps your first cartoon answers life’s deepest questions about the Jewish kabala?

  2. I’m glad Rosa Koire is being treated in Agenda 21 for the Communitarian witch that she is and her deplorable denial of Niki Rapaana and Nordica Friedrich’s naming Zionist Amitai Etzioni as the leader behind Communitarianism, which created Agenda 21. If only Michael Shaw and Michael Coffman and Glenn Beck could have been added to the cartoon!

    • You know it, Charles. Honestly, if I included every profiteering fraud disinfo scumbag perpetuating all the intellectual dishonesty about Communitarianism, it’s roots, and it’s relation to Agenda 21, Sustainabilty and ICLEI, I’d have to do a mural that would fill the side of a city block long warehouse.

  3. Great cartoons, similar to the ones that Martin Beetroot Head (the Irish retard) did for me. But these are even better ! And for that Donna Bitch (Irish Dyke), drop dead !!!

  4. Great works .. thanks for this colourful gallery .. I visit often and it makes me smile .. cheers from Canada’s East Coast .. I deleted fakebook in 2014 and life is gooder … find me at “Indie Media Eastcoast” youtube .. for shits and giggles and a place to park some photography etc. Nordica Friedrich and Niki Raapana are absolutely my favourite broads .. hands down.. I wanna do a road trip to Alaska and meet them some summer, fer sure… If I use your art I always credit you in my videos Chris, thanks again.

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